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status da solicitação BMS
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status da solicitação BMS

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BMS application status Table
requerente país comprar produto Date Status
dpa*** United States Commercial Doorlock 2019-03-11 In Progress
ors*** Chile an electric wheelchair 2019-03-06 In Progress
con*** Viet nam Mop 2019-03-04 In Progress
mad*** Indonesia Water Filter 2019-02-04 Completed
kho*** Indonesia Clear Water 2019-02-04 Completed
sal*** Indonesia Water Purify Machine 2019-02-04 Completed
mar*** Thailand Filter 2019-02-04 Completed
pac*** Thailand Water Vending Machine 2019-02-04 Completed
war*** Thailand Paragon Filter 2019-02-04 Completed
axe*** Argentina TR Fabric Nurse Scrubs 2019-02-04 Completed
TES*** Afghanistan Buying product 2019-01-17 Applied
rud*** Indonesia electric motor 2019-01-13 In Progress
LSH*** Singapore Laundry Drying Hanger Laundry Drying Rack 2018-12-24 Applied
emi*** Korea, Republic of adfaeaef 2018-12-21 Applied
hei*** American Samoa test 2018-12-21 Applied
dsd*** Antigua and Barbuda dsdds 2018-12-21 Completed
ann*** Korea, Republic of dddddddddddddd 2018-12-21 Applied
tes*** Algeria test 2018-12-19 Completed
eas*** American Samoa Water paint 2018-12-18 In Progress
sdf*** Armenia dfadsfa 2018-12-18 Completed

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